Shrimp Level (Preschool Beginner)

3-5 Years
Beginner level course focusing on introduction of fundamental aquatic skills including basic rules of safety around water, blowing bubbles on the surface of the water and with the mouth and nose submerged, retrieving objects below the surface and submerged, assisted submerging, breath control, kicking the legs, paddling the arms, entering and exiting the water unassisted, jumping in the water and returning to the wall assisted, combined arm and leg actions on front and back, assisted back floating, swim-float-swim technique and underwater exploration. Emphasis placed on becoming comfortable in the water quickly and learning the basic swimming skills required to advance toward the Seahorse Level (Preschool Intermediate). Prerequisites: Must be ready to participate independently without parent and have the ability to maintain focus/attention for a 30-minute duration that includes sitting and waiting at times. Class Maximum Instructor to Student Ratio- 1:4

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